Pooyan Tissue Processor

• Colorful touchscreen in persian and english

• SMS module to send errors & monitor specimens situation

• Rechargable battery to protect specimens during a power

• failure from tissues drying Stirring system for better process

• Gentle speciemen processing with high safety for tissue

• User friendly interface design

• Ability to start the program from any of the station

• Carousel type with 12 stations of 1.8 liters each;10 reagent

• stations, 2 wax bath Two stainless steel tissue basket,capacity: approx.100 cassettes

• Easy editing of programs, even during a processing run

• Delayed start function up to 70 days

تصویر پروانه ساخت دستگاه پردازشگر بافت یا همان تیشو پروسسور پویان