Semi Automated Rotary Microtome

Pooyan Mk3130

•Section thickness setting range from 0.5 – 100 µm

•Trimming thickness setting range from 5 – 100 µm

•Colorful display to show section counter, trim & section thickness

•Retraction system to extend blade life & serial cutting

•Blade holder clamp with angular, longitudinal

•and transverse movements Handwheel locking system & finger guard

•Speciemen oriention in X,Y,Z

•Smooth-runnig handwheel

•Ergonomic, compact & user friendly design

•Spacious and easy to clean section waste tray

•Automatic movement of the block clamp with warning

•alarm at the beginning and end of the course

Production and quality control procedures certified under EN ISO 13485 IEC 61010-1 & IEC 60601-2 ensure highest quality and reliability

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هلدر تیغ میکروتوم MK 160

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